2018 UGA On-Farm Cotton Variety Performance Evaluation – Results (1-10-18)

Cotton Folks,

Results from the 2018 UGA On-Farm Cotton Variety Evaluation Program can be found in the link below.

UGA Cotton County Meeting HANDOUTS (Whitaker 1-11-18).pptx VARIETY PERFORMANCE

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Data will be updated with fiber quality information in the coming week or so and there will be additional information added when results from the UGA SWVT OVT results are published.

Information on variety selection and other aspects of cotton production for 2018 will be discussed at your local UGA County Cotton Production meetings.  These meetings will be held across the state during January, February and March.  Contact your local county extension agent details on meeting locations and times and for more information on variety performance and selection.

We would like to thank many county agents who have participated in this program, along with their cooperating producers.  We would also like to thank the cooperating seed companies (Monsanto (DeltaPine), Bayer CropScience, Phytogen, Americot and Croplan Genetics for their support and participation in the program.  Thanks should also be given to Cotton Incorporated and the Georgia Cotton Commssion for additional support of this program.  There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into producing this data and on behalf of the Georgia cotton industry we would like to express our appreciation.  


Jared Whitaker & Mark Freeman

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