UGA Cotton Variety Performance Calculator

(February 2015)

Developed by Jared Whitaker and Guy Collins

Variety selection is one of the most important decisions and significant investments a cotton producer has to make each year.  The UGA CAES Statewide Variety Testing program conducts annual cotton variety performance tests across the state to provide producers with information critical to making these decisions.  In addition to this program, more information on variety performance is gathered from numerous large plot on-farm cotton variety trials conducted by UGA Cooperative Extension personnel. 

The UGA Cotton Variety Performance Calculator allows users compare performance of multiple varieties from information produced by both the Statewide Variety Testing program (OVT) and large plot on-farm trials.  The intention of this calculator is to allow a user to compare variety performance by using data only from trials in which ALL varieties of interest were tested.  This allows for fair comparisons to be made across a wide range of environmental conditions and production practices.  These results only represent performance, and do not intend to predict variety performance in 2013 and beyond. Due to the wide range of herbicide- and insect-tolerant traits available in numerous brands, be sure to check the technology package of any particular variety to determine if it meets your needs, prior to purchasing seed.

The following UGA Extension and Research personnel made significant contributions to the database of trials which this calculator utilizes: 

Statewide Variety Testing (OVT):  Anton Coy, Don Day, John Gassett, Larry Thompson, UGA SWVT Program Team

On-Farm Large Plot Trials: Brent Allen, Ronnie Barentine, Eddie Beasley, Anthony Black, Scott Brown, R.J. Byrne, Scott Carlson, Don Clark, James Clark, Jim Crawford, Brian Cresswell, Shane Curry, Mike Dollar, Phillip Edwards, Rome Ethredge, Wade Green, Tim Flanders, Mark Freeman, Mark Frye, Edd Harrison, Rusty Harris, Buster Haddock, Ray Hicks, James Jacobs, Brooke Jeffries, Justin Lanier, Gordon Lee, Mitchell May, Eddie McGriff, Jennifer Miller, Tim Moore, Wade Parker, Jake Price, Tucker Price, Cliff Riner, Pam Sapp, Peyton Sapp, Justin Shealey, Tim Smith, David Spaid, Brian Tankersley, Bill Tyson, Chris Tyson, Larry Varnadoe, Mark von Walder, Tim Varnedore

Cooperation of the aforementioned individuals, producer cooperators, and numerous seed company representatives was essential in adequately evaluating variety performance in Georgia. 

Step 1. Select up to five cotton varieties from the drop-down menu to compare performance in terms of lint yield.

Step 2: Select irrigation option:

Step 3: Select trial year(s):

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University of Georgia (UGA) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES)