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Final Results of the 2018 UGA On-Farm Cotton Variety Evaluation Program

Posted on by Jared Whitaker

The winter appears to be nearing its end in South Georgia and the time for Georgia cotton producers to start planting is getting closer each … Continue reading

Information on the Recent Designation of Seed Cotton as a Covered Commodity

Posted on by Jared Whitaker

On February 9, 2018, the US Congress passed budget legislation that included the designation of seed cotton as a covered commodity under the 2014 farm … Continue reading

2018 UGA Cotton Budgets

Posted on by Jared Whitaker

Below are links for the 2018 UGA Cotton Budgets developed by Don Shurley, Amanda Smith, and Yangxuan (Serinna) Liu. 2018 Irrigated Conventional Tillage Cotton Budget … Continue reading

A New Tool For Improving Thrips Management in Cotton

Posted on by Phillip Roberts

Thrips are the most consistent insect pest of cotton in Georgia and the Southeast.  Near 100 percent of the cotton planted will be infested by … Continue reading

Dicamba and 2,4-D Visual Sensitivity Scale for Georgia in 2018 – Laminated Handout

Posted on by Stanley Culpepper

Below is a link to access the Dicamba and 2,4-D Visual Sensitivity Scales for Georgia in 2018 “Laminated Handout”.   Visual Sensitivity Scale for Dicamba and … Continue reading