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SLWF Natural Mortality – Fungal?

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In the last 10-14 days several of you have called about dead adult silverleaf whitefly adults in cotton.  Many of these observations have been in … Continue reading

UGA Cotton & Peanut Research Field Day – September 6th, 2017

Posted on by Jared Whitaker

The Georgia Cotton Commission, Georgia Peanut Commission, and the University of Georgia Peanut and Cotton Teams, will co-sponsor the annual UGA Cotton and Peanut Research Field … Continue reading

Cotton Marketing News– August 11, 2017

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Well, So Much for the 18-Million Bale Scenario—
And Those Higher Prices

Prior to this week’s USDA crop production estimates, the 2017 US cotton crop was projected at 19 million bales.  There seemed to be general consensus, given the crop conditions in parts of Texas, that the crop would not get bigger with this week’s report.  There was some belief that the crop is actually less than 19 million (more in the 18 million neighborhood) but that this may not be reflected yet in this week’s August numbers.

The revised crop estimate for August is now 20.55 million bales—1.55 million bales more than the July estimate.  Not only did the crop not hold at around 19 million bales but now, if we’re indeed going to eventually retreat to the 18 million bale mark, we’ve got another million and a half bales to cull through.
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Generic Base

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How Generic Base Could Be Treated in the Cottonseed Proposal.  With the 2014 farm bill, cotton base on a farm became Generic Base. To improve cotton’s income “safety net”, cotton industry leadership has sought to make cottonseed a covered commodity and eligible for PLC as an “Other Oilseed” under the current 2014 farm bill.  To have a cottonseed program, this would come from the farms Generic Base.  Farms with Generic Base and producing cotton or a covered commodity in 2009-2016 would have 2 options for converting Generic Base to cottonseed and/or other bases.

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Background and Summary of Recent Cotton Policy Developments

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The current farm bill is now in its 4th year and will expire with the 2018 crop year unless extended.  Over the past several years, cotton’s unfavorable policy position has been at the forefront and industry leadership has sought ways to improve the income safet net for cotton producers.  Recent developments have been positive and enouraging.  The CGCS program and a cottonseed policy are seen as ways to “bridge” the gap and help cotton producers until cotton can be addressed longer term in the next farm bill.

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