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Scout ALL Cotton for Corn Earworm

Posted on by Phillip Roberts

Bt cotton technologies have allowed cotton growers to significantly reduce insecticide inputs for caterpillar pests.  However Bt cotton is not and has never been immune … Continue reading

UGA Cotton Newsletter – June 2018

Posted on by Jared Whitaker

Cotton Folks, Click on the following link to access the June UGA Cotton Newsletter. UGA Cotton Newsletter (June 2018) Included is information on planting and … Continue reading

2018 Farm Bill Update

Posted on by Yanxuan Liu

The legislative process leading to the next farm bill has been well underway.  The current 2014 farm bill will end in September 2018.  Numerous hearings … Continue reading

Generic Base/Seed Cotton Program Timeline

Posted on by Yanxuan Liu

The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 authorized Seed Cotton as a covered commodity under Title 1 of the 2014 farm bill and created eligibility for … Continue reading

When It Rains It Pours – Managing Late Planting Dates in Georgia during 2018

Posted on by Jared Whitaker

The 2018 Georgia cotton season has started off as a tale of two extremes.  Rainfall during April and the first two weeks of May was … Continue reading