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2014 Georgia Cotton Research-Extension Report

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The 2014 Research and Extension Report is now available.  The Report contains results of research conducted by UGA cotton researchers, Extension specialists, and county agents during 2014.  To view, download, and/or print the Report, go to the menu in the left margin of this Home Page and scroll down to Cotton Resources.  Click on Research-Extension Report. 

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Cotton Marketing News– September 24, 2015

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Cotton Reaches New Lows on Lack of Demand

Don Shurley, Professor Emeritus of Cotton Economics

Undoubtedly, cotton prices are at a fork in the road. Will prices be able to hold the 60-cent level and perhaps eventually recover to move higher or will prices erode further into the 50’s? No one is sure of the answer but most seem to agree that until fresh/new buying appears, it is difficult to stop the bearish tone that has suddenly enveloped the market. There are many negatives out there that currently pressure the market.  If all these things work out negatively, prices could indeed find the 50’s. If, however, some of these worries turn out better than expected, prices could recover. What we hope will materialize as a “bounce” or consolidation at the 60-cent level would be the markets way of saying enough is enough—for now.

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Cotton Marketing News– September 14, 2015

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September Numbers Not Likely to Move the Needle

Cotton growers continue to wait on anything that would push prices to the desired 70-cent level or better.  To date, little marketing or price protection has taken place as producers seem willing to wait it out. After the shocking numbers in the August report, USDA’s September report seemed by most observers to be an opportunity for USDA to “correct” itself.  Thus, there has been and continues to be a lot of uncertainty around this market.  As we move closer to harvest time, it looks like the September numbers (released last Friday) are not likely to do much in the way of moving prices out of the 62 to 67 cent range we’ve been in for the past 11 months.

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2015 UGA Cotton & Peanut Research Field Day – Sept. 9th UGA Tifton Campus

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The Georgia Cotton Commission, Georgia Peanut Commission, and the University of Georgia Extension Peanut and Cotton Teams, will co-sponsor the annual cotton and peanut research field day on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015, in Tifton, Georgia.  The field day will begin at the Lang-Rigdon … Continue reading

Cotton Marketing News– August 27, 2015

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Where Does This Wild Season Now Go From Here?

Don Shurley, Professor Emeritus of Cotton Economics

Prices have been vulnerable to what seems to be a constant barrage of economic and policy forces.  Cotton growers, for the most part, have been patiently waiting on prices to reach 70 cents.  Given all the factors that have been in play, things could have turned out worse, but so far cotton seems to have weathered the storm.  Prices are not where we want them to be but so far we’ve stayed out of the 50’s. This week’s implosion was due to concern over China’s economy, losses in the Chinese stock market, and related fears and concerns that caused the US stock market to also tumble. All eyes continue to be on China mill use and crop size.  With the events of this week, everybody is “super sensitive” to China.  Sensitivities aside, the same issues still apply—prices will depend on China’s demand for imports (quality cotton more precisely).

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