Extension Cotton Team Members

Dr. Stanley Culpepper Weed Scientist stanley@uga.edu 229-386-3194
Dr. Glenn Harris Cotton Soil Fertility gharris@uga.edu 229-386-3006
Dr. Gary Hawkins Soil and Water Conservation Specialist ghawkins@uga.edu 229-391-2511
Dr. Bob Kemerait Cotton Pathologist kemerait@uga.edu 229-386-7495
Mr. Kane Staines Research Ginner kstaines@uga.edu 229-386-3374 
Dr. Changying Li Ag Engineer/Sensors and Cotton Quality cyli@uga.edu 229-386-3915
Dr. Yangxuan (Serinna) Liu Cotton Economist yangxuan.liu@uga.edu 229-386-3512
Mr. Calvin Perry Ag Engineer / Precision Farming perrycd@uga.edu 229-386-3377
Dr. Wes Porter Irrigation/Precision Ag Specialist wporter@uga.edu 229-386-7328
Dr. Don Shurley Cotton Economist Emertius donshur@uga.edu 229-386-3512
Mrs. Amanda Smith Cotton Production Costs/Conservation Economics aziehl@uga.edu 229-386-3512
Dr. John Snider Cotton Physiologist jlsnider@uga.edu 229-386-7197
Dr. Mike Toews Cotton Entomologist Research mtoews@uga.edu 229-386-3149
Dr. R. Scott Tubbs Cropping Systems Agronomist tubbs@uga.edu 229-386-3360
Dr. George Vellidis Precision Agriculture Specialist yiorgos@uga.edu 229-386-3442
Dr. Phillip Roberts Cotton Extension Entomologist proberts@uga.edu 229-386-3424
Dr. Peng Chee Cotton Breeding and Genetics pwchee@uga.edu 229-386-7274
Dr. Jason Schmidt Biocontrol jschmid2@uga.edu 229-386-7251
Dr. Sudeep Bag Virologist sudeepbag@uga.edu 229-386-3371