2018 Cotton Enterprise Budgets

Annual enterprise budget estimates are intended as a general guide for planning and decision making. The estimates are prepared in cooperation with, and input from the UGA Extension Cotton Team, County Extension Agents, growers, and seed and chemical industry representatives. While great care is taken to prepare these estimates as close to “typical Georgia farm” situations as possible, there can be great variability in yield and costs among individual farms.

2019 Budgets in Spreadsheet (Excel) Format

2019 Budgets in Print (PDF) Format

2018 Budgets in Spreadsheet (Excel) Format

2018 Budgets in Print (PDF) Format

2017 Budgets in Spreadsheet (Excel) Format

2017 Budgets in Print (PDF) Format

2016 Budgets in Spreadsheet (Excel) Format

2016 Budgets in Print (PDF) Format

Don Shurley, Amanda Smith, and Yangxuan Liu
Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics
University of Georgia
March 2018