2018 UGA Cotton Production Guide

Georgia Cotton Folks,

Below is the link for the 2018 UGA Cotton Production Guide.  Hard paper copies of the guide can be obtained by contacting your local county extension agent.  Guides are often distributed at local cotton county extension meetings, which are held across the state during the months of January, February and March.  

2018 UGA Cotton Production Guide (Final Print Version)

This guide is an annually updated publication that addresses all aspects of cotton production in Georgia.  

Members of the UGA Cotton Team contribute to the guide in their respective fields.  Authors include Jared Whitaker, Stanley Culpepper, Mark Freeman, Glen Harris, Bob Kemerait, Calvin Perry, Wesley Porter, Phillip Roberts, Don Shurley and Amanda Smith. 

Jared Whitaker, UGA Cotton Extension Agronomist, is the editor of the guide. 

Publication of the guide is funded by The Georgia Cotton Commission.

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