2018 Local UGA Cotton County Production Meetings (Schedule)

Georgia Cotton Folks,

The 2018 UGA local county cotton production meeting season has just begun.  Each year members of the UGA Cotton Team present information on various topics at numerous meetings across the state hosted by UGA County Extension Agents.  There are a total of 45 local cotton production meetings scheduled during the months of January, February and March.  Members of the UGA Cotton Team who will be presenting information include Dr. Jared Whitaker (UGA Extension Agronomist), Mark Freeman (East Georgia Row Crop Agronomist), Dr. Phillip Roberts (Extension Entomologist), Dr. Stanley Culpepper (Extension Weed Scientist), Dr. Bob Kemerait (Extension Pathologist), Dr. Glen Harris (Extension Fertility Specialist), Dr. Wes Porter (Extension Irrigation Specialist) and Amanda Smith (Extension Economist).  

Anyone who is interested in learning more about cotton issues affecting producers and the current research being conducted to improve productivity and profitability are encouraged to attend.  The is no cost to attend these meetings due to generous funding provided by The Georgia Cotton Commission and numerous businesses involved in the Georgia cotton industry.  To attend, please contact either your local UGA county extension office or the office hosting the particular meeting of interest.  The schedule for the cotton production meetings during 2018 is below (and can be downloaded by clicking this link:  Table of 2018 local UGA Cotton County Meetings.  The specialist(s) who will be presenting information at the particular meeting are listed along with information on when and where each meeting will be held. 

In addition to the 45 local cotton production meetings, Dr. Stanley Culpepper will be presenting information pertaining to cotton weed management at 32 scheduled local UGA County Weed Management meetings during 2018.  Dr. Culpepper, along with Dr. Eric Proskto, will address weed management for multiple row crops at these meetings, but a significant portion of the meeting will be dedicated specifically to cotton weed management and utilization and stewardship of the new auxin herbicide traits.  The schedule of these weed meetings is below the cotton production schedule and can be downloaded by clicking the following link:  Table of 2018 local UGA Weed Management County Meetings (1-10-18).

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