Pest Patrol Hotline (Cotton Insect Updates)

Each week we provide a brief update concerning cotton insect pest conditions and management in Georgia cotton to the Pest Patrol Hotline .  To hear the update, call (877) 285-8525 and select the messages you would like to hear. Select #1 for updates from the Southern Region. Select #3 for the Southeast, and then select #4 to hear my message. After a new message is on the hotline, a text message alert can be sent alerting users that I have recorded a new update. Users can subscribe for text message alerts for my updates in two easy steps. Step one: register by texting pestpat10 to 97063. Step two: reply to the confirmation text you receive by texting the letter “y” to complete your registration. The Pest Patrol Hotline is sponsored by Syngenta.

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