GA Cotton Insect Advisor: Stink Bug Decision Aid App

GA Cotton Insect Advisor is an expert system for determining Extension prescribed insecticide treatments for management of cotton insect pests in the state of Georgia.  The app will display the most appropriate insecticide or tankmix after the user provides the appropriate week of bloom, predominant stink bug species, percent internal boll injury, and other pest species present.  At present time, the app is intended for management of stink bugs only.  Recommendations are based on information on the manufacturer’s label and performance data from research and extension trials at the University of Georgia.  GA Cotton Insect Advisor was developed by the University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health in cooperation with the Department of Entomology with support from Cotton Incorporated.

The app utilizes the rules below for selecting stink bug insecticides with the objective of achieving acceptable stink bug control while minimizing the risk of flaring secondary insect pests which may be present but below established economic thresholds.




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