Guide to Abbreviations for Cotton Technologies in Variety Nomeclature

Each spring I seem to get more and more questions surrounding traits of particular varieties.  It seems like an easy thing to figure out, but with the shorter and shorter lifespan of cotton varieties as well as the introduction of new traits and trait packages each year, it has become a more and more common question.

The best way to determine traits of particular varieties is to ask a company representative, but in cotton there is a way to know by understanding the actual cotton variety name.

In each name there are abbreviations which make up variety nomenclature.  A guide to the current trait options can be found below.  This information can also be found on page 72 of the 2019 Georgia Cotton Production Guide.

Guide to Abbreviations for Cotton Technologies in Variety Nomenclature*
Abbr-eviation Trait Name Description
W Widestrike Two-gene insect trait (Cry1Ac + Cry1F)
W3 Widestrike III Three-gene insect trait (Cry1Ac + Cry1F + Vip3A)
FE Enlist 2,4-D Tolerant**, Glyphosate Tolerant, Glufosinate Tolerant
T TwinLink Two-gene insect trait (Cry1Ac + Cry2Ae)
TP TwinLink Plus Three-gene insect trait (Cry1Ac + Cry2Ae + Vip3A)
GL Glytol Liberty Link Glyphosate Tolerant,  Glufosinate Tolerant
B2 Bollgard II Two-gene insect trait (Cry1Ac + Cry2Ab)
B3 Bollgard III Three-gene insect trait ( Cry1Ac + Cry2Ab + Vip3A)
RF Roundup Ready Flex Glyphosate Tolerant
XF XtendFlex Dicamba Tolerant**, Glyphosate Tolerant, Glufosinate Tolerant
  *This table is only meant to serve as a guide to help determine traits associated with particular varieties, in all cases contact industry representatives for more information and details on managing cotton with these traits.
**Contact Industry Representative for specific recommendations on herbicides and traits.

Here’s to a great 2019 Georgia cotton crop,


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