2017 UGA Cotton OVT Data Summary

Cotton variety selection is an extremely important decision for cotton producers each year.  Examining un-biased, research based information on variety performance is a critical part of making proper decisions.  There are lots of places to find information on cotton variety performance available, and UGA works to provide producers in Georgia with a reliable place to find that information.   One of the sources of that information comes from UGA’s Statewide Variety Testing Program.  This program conducts Georgia’s Official Variety Tests for cotton (OVTs) each year. 

The 2017 Georgia Cotton OVTs are composed of three set of small-plot trials.  These three trials include evaluating a later maturing set of cotton varieties, an earlier maturing set of cotton varieties and a set of cotton strains (typically an early look at lines to evaluate for commercialization).  The early and late trials are conducted on a total of eight sites (four irrigated and four dryland) at UGA Research Stations in Tifton, Midville, Plains and Athens as well as an on-farm site in Bainbridge.   

Summaries from the 2017 Statewide Variety Testing Program’s Official Variety Tests for cotton are available by clicking links at the botton of this post.  These summaries contain lint yield from each variety and location and ranks varieties based on overall average yield.  The complete data set, which includes information fiber quality can accessed online at their website www.swvt.uga.edu.

UGA OVT Later Variety Summary 2017

UGA OVT Earlier Variety Summary 2017

UGA OVT Strains Variety Summary 2017

A special thanks to Dr. Daniel Mailhot, SWVT Program Director, his cotton team including Dusty Dunn, Robert Brooke and Marcus Cofield, the UGA Research Station Managers, and many other for their hard work to provide this support for the Georgia cotton industry.  We also appreciate the support of cotton seed companies and the Georgia Cotton Commission for their willingness to support this effort.  

Best wishes for a sucessful 2018 Georgia cotton crop,




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