Cotton Growth and Development (Publication)

Cotton Folks,

Upland cotton is a unique row crop as it is a perennial, tropical plant that has been bred and adapted for annual crop production in temperate climates.  Cotton develops on a somewhat predictable schedule, and understanding growth and development is extremely important to properly manage the crop.  Each year, we encounter issues where a basic understanding of cotton physiology is key to making proper managment decisions.  

One publication that I consider a must read with regards to this topic is a UGA Extension Publication titled “Cotton Growth and Development” which was written by two former UGA Cotton Physiologists (Dr. Glen Ritchie & Dr. Craig Bednarz) along with two former Cotton Extension Agronomists (Dr. Phil Jost & Dr. Steve Brown).  This publication was published over a decade ago (2004) yet it still provides an excellent summary of cotton development in Georgia and the Southeast.  I encourage anybody involved in cotton to spend time learning more about the crop and gaining a better understanding of the basic physiology of cotton growth and development.  

Click the link below to access the article.  

 UGA Ext. Pub. – Cotton Growth & Development (2004)


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