2013 Farm Bill Update and Brief Summary– 8/28/2013

The 2008 farm bill originally expired in 2012 but Congress failed to complete action to legislate new law to begin in 2013.  The 2008 farm bill was instead extended for an additional year (through September 2013).  Congress now still faces the task of developing a new farm bill that would begin with the 2014 crop year.

The full Senate approved its version of the farm bill (S. 954) on June 10, 2013.  The House version (H. 1947) was defeated (failed to pass) on June 20.  On July 11, the House passed an amended bill (H. 2642) which excluded the Nutrition title.  These two bills (S. 954 and H. 2642) must now go to Conference Committee where the differences must be compromised to come up with a final farm bill that must then go back to both House and Senate for approval and then signed by the President to become law.

Concerns now are whether a Conference bill can pass the Senate without a Nutrition title and/or if the President would support and sign such a bill.

Click here to download and view (in PDF format) a summary and comparison of the major Commodity Title provisions and commodity-related Crop Insurance Title provisions of both the House bill and Senate bill. 

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